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  Wireless communications is all about effective use of radio waves. Understanding radio channel is the key success factor in wireless communications. Therefore, channel measurements are essential for the design of wireless systems (see figure 1). It is the wireless channel that determines the ultimate performance limits of any communication system. Therefore, there are many ongoing and proposed channel measurements and channel modeling projects around the world.  Wireless channel (impulse response) measurement, equipment which measures, digitizes and stores radio channel impulse response with high resolution in delay, frequency and spatial domain, is called channel sounder. Even though radio channel sounding is a fundamental task for wireless communication engineering, to provide an effective and high-quality channel sounding solution is a major challenge requiring special expertise and sophisticated radio channel measurement equipment: A channel sounder.

Figure 1. Communication system design procedure
  Dr. Kun Yang has been working on commercializing radio sounding products and founded a Norwegian company called Super Radio AS in Feb, 2014. According to his previous successful project experience of the relevant European projects, he can provide a complete high-class solution to provide professional channel sounding products by collaborating with Sintef IKT and NTNU.  Our customers are located internationally and mostly in China and EU, which includes Internet service providers (ISP) like China mobile, Telia etc;  telecom equipment manufacturers like Huawei, ZTE, etc; Research institutes and universities like NTNU, USC, UIA, SINTEF, Eurecom, BUPT, KU Lueven, WHUT, etc.