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Development of Future Research Project Proposals on a Wireless In-HomeMonitoring System for People with Healthcare Needs
This pre-project, named WiCare-Pre, prepares us for submitting two main project proposals targeting relevant calls in EU and NFR programs within the first quarter of 2016. Towards utilizing ICT solutions in healthcare systems with value creation in the public sector, we plan to develop an innovative wireless in-home monitoring system for the care of elderlies. The planned system allows for detecting physical activities of elderlies without threatening their privacy, restricting their daily-life activities, and asking them to play an active role in the healthcare solution. The detections, including fall detection, outgoing detection, irregular activities detection (among others), will then be identified and reported to the corresponding service/support provider, such as hospitals, police, municipalities, elderly houses, nursing houses, and other public sectors.
The main idea is to equip the house with an indoor wireless system, which captures physical activities of the elderly person using electromagnetic waves. The house is then treated as a radio propagation medium, through which radio waves travel. Our solution is based on detecting and tracking the elderly by investigating the temporal, spectral, and spatial characteristics of the radio channel. The project idea consists of 3 major research domains:
1. wireless target monitoring using a proper radio technology;
2. data processing, including target classification, event evaluation, and decision making
3. data-sharing with external healthcare service providers via today´s (4G) and future (5G) wireless communication systems.
Project owner:Agder University
Project partner: Super Radio AS
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Dr. Kun Yang and Prof. Matthias Paztold (UiA)     Dr. Kun Yang and Associate Prof. Alireza Borhani (UiA)