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National project (MAMIME)
LTE, WIFI and 5G Massive MIMO Communications in Maritime Propagation Environments
Project owner: Super Radio As
Project administrator: Dr. Kun Yang
Project manager: Prof. Torbjorn Ekman (NTNU)
Project partners: NTNU, Kongsberg Seatex AS, Telia Norge AS, Sintef IKT, Ager University, Teleplan AS, Witelcom AS, KU LUEVEN, University of Southern California, Wuhan University of Technology.
Granted by Norwegian Research Council
 Primary and secondary objectives of the project
The aim of the project is to develop an optimized LTE and WIFI system and research dedicated 5G solutions for the maritime applications, especially for land-to-boat and boat-to-boat communications, which fits for both telecommunication R&D trend and Norwegian interests.  These innovative solutions have the potential of extending the radio coverage and providing more stable radio link and much higher throughput.
In this project, the primary objective is to design a solution for high data rate and large coverage for land-to-boat and boat-to-boat radio communication utilizing Massive MIMO. The 2nd main objective is to develop a hardware Massive MIMO channel sounder that can measure the channel impulse response for Massive MIMO scenarios. The 3rd main objective is to build up a new maritime Massive MIMO channel model, which can be used for system design, performance evaluation and standardization.  The 4th main objective is to upgrade Witelcom's Wi-Fi solutions and ZTE's LTE solutions for maritime applications.
These innovative solutions have the potential for Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide more reliable and much higher data-rate service with large radio coverage for the maritime applications. In addition, the R&D results can be used for 5G maritime system designs for the manufactures and radio coverage planning for the ISP, respectively. This project can be the first dedicated 5G research for maritime applications all over the world and possible to be standardized.
Project partner
Our project partners include world-leading telecommunication manufacturers and top R&D groups, which is listed as follows:

  1. Super Radio AS
  2. Kongsberg Seatex AS
  3. Telia Norge AS
  4. Witelcom AS
  5. Teleplan AS
  6. NTNU
  8. UiA
  9. WHUT
  11. USC

The main outcomes of this project include:

  1. A dedicated Massive MIMO solution for the land-to-boat and boat-to-boat communication. 
  2. A Massive MIMO channel sounder that can be utilized to conduct measurements for Massive MIMO scenarios
  3. The design of a multi-band that can be utilized to optimize the system performance of WIFI and LTE for the maritime communication.
  4. A Massive MIMO channel model for maritime system design and evaluation